Kids are natural runners, but whether they’re accompanying you on a run or participating in a Kidathalon, they require special care at every step of their development. From the right clothing, shoes, nutrition, hydration to the right distance, ensuring kids will remain lifelong runners means support, encouragement, technique and attention to possible overuse injuries.

How to do it right:

1. Practice running. Before you concentrate on the speed, make sure kids know how to
run properly, with good posture and relaxed limbs. (Begin with a few stretches )
2. Build speed and intensity as the children master the skill of running. Use running
drills or encourage them to race each other.
3. Practice running 2-3 weeks prior to your Kidathalon.
4. Ideal time for practice- Sunrise and Sunset.
5. Runners to have high carbohydrate/protein diet the day before the run, and a
banana, eggs with cheese (high energy food) couple of hours before running.
6. Never force/over feed the child prior to running.
7. Carry a bottle of water while running.
8. Keep your child well hydrated through the day.
9. Children to empty the bladder before running.
10. Do not give children supplements like Gatorade.
11. Early morning runners should have sufficient 8 hrs of sleep.

“It is not how good you are, It’s how good you WANT to Be..”
Paul Arden

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