About Round Table 31

Round Table India is not for profit organisation with a vision to form friendship, shape lives and make sustainable difference in the lives of people who are denied the privilege of a normal life. The past initiatives have been highly revered, improving the plight of underprivileged children via all-round educational and extra-curricular activities. RTI has been successful in building 5050 classrooms over 1799 schools at a cost of over Rs.149.60 crores benefitting more than 5.56 million children across the country.

About Artificial Limb Centre

For more than two decades, Artificial Limb Centre have it as their mission to provide free of Cost leg prosthesis for people who have lost their legs due to untoward incidents. The leg prosthesis includes manufacturing, fitting and rehabilitation, so that the beneficiary can lead a normal life. With more than 200 limbs being donated every year, around 5600 artificial limbs have been given so far at a total cost of Rs.1,09,00,000.

About Vocational Training Centre

For more than three decades now, Vocational Training Centre has been effective in training the deaf and dumb students in vocational studies, under qualified instructors. Moreover in the past 6 years CCRT 31 has sponsored the higher education in Engineering from a reputed university for 6 deaf and dumb students. The main aim is to make the students become independent, confident and employable in their future.

About Go green initiative

Go green initiative is a noble cause towards the sustainability of the environment. Their primary aim is to develop and promote a lifestyle that deems fit for the future generations. They provide saplings and also ensure to maintain the plants till the very end, through their members and volunteers. Also this year they are planning to take up government lands and plant trees using miyawaki, a Japanese method which helps in dense growth, diversified plant species growth, increase wildlife habitat, wind reduction and so many others.